Foxi Box is here to save you from fickle fashion trends so you’ll never have to dread crop tops or hot pants rearing their skimpy heads. Foxi Box is about giving women the tools (in the form of basic quality wardrobe essentials) to dress for comfort, without feeling like you’re wearing a sack. I have spent so much of my life constantly on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ T-shirt or the ‘perfect’ pants (with a nice wide waistband that doesn’t cut off your circulation during lunch) and on the occasion when I’ve found them I have returned to the brand the following year to find that they no longer make them and the styles have changed! After I had my second baby I spent most of the following year frustrated that any top I bought was fitted or cropped and did not flatter my shape. How hard is it to scoop a hem on a t-shirt? I also couldn’t believe the clothes I was buying were shrinking after one spin in the washing machine, pilling or coming apart at the seams. I decided enough was enough and it was time to end a lifetime of frustration and finally make a set of basic, quality key pieces for my wardrobe that could also be the backbone of other women’s wardrobes too. These five key essentials I’ve designed (pants, t-shirt, tank, skirt, cardi) you can mix and match, dress up or down and accessorise to add your personality. I’ve also found the most luxurious super soft bamboo blend fabric that worships your skin.
At Foxi Box we don’t photoshop the wrinkles, we don’t ignore the muffin tops and we certainly don’t require thigh-gaps. We recognise the wobbly bits, the squishy parts, the mummy tummies, and we give them a comforting hug with flattering materials that give you the confidence to beam as you head out the front door.
FoxiBox is for you. It’s for me. It’s for us.

♡ Fifi.